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How to help 

Financial donations

Because of your support, we can help adults and families with the groceries they need. Fresh food, seasonal produce and staples to those in need is possible with your financial gift. Your gift is direct support to this mission. Donate now. 


Food donations

Drop off at our location, local stores and firehalls. Find out more about where to donate food. 



As of June, 2024, our food bank currently has a full roster of volunteers, with a long waiting list.

We have no need for additional adult or student volunteers.

Please check back on this website in fall of 2024 to see if we need additional volunteers.


Community and Faith Groups

Clubs and groups are welcome to get involved, but because of workplace safety and liabilities and the small size of our warehouse, we cannot accommodate large groups or young children during regular morning hours of operation. No food sorting help is needed until after our Thanksgiving (fall) food drives; email our manager at with your inquiry.



Groups working together form a special bond when they help those in need. No team sorting activities are needed during the summer months. Clubs or corporate organizations can do a food drive for us, or may decide to take a day to 'give back'. After the Thanksgiving food drives, in the fall of 2023, we would like to help make that happen; email

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