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Press Release 

The latest news from Richmond Hill Community Food Bank 

Press Release: Richmond Hill Food Bank Launches New Program Amidst 50% Surge: Aiding Over 3,000 Neighbors Monthly 


A Stark Reality: In Canada, one in six individuals, nearly 6 million Canadians, grapple with food insecurity. Richmond Hill has been particularly affected, with a 50% increase in food bank usage in the past 12 months.


Gap in Assistance: Canada faces a nationwide food insecurity crisis, with over 1.2 million Canadians accessing food banks, signifying a dire need for innovative funding solutions.


Swift and Easy Donations: The Richmond Hill Community Food Bank’s (RHCFB) new text-to-donate program streamlines the donation process with cutting-edge mobile technology. Donors can contribute $10 or $25 in mere seconds using their cell phones. 


Give monthly: Donors can also choose to give monthly, amplifying their support and allowing the RHCFB to buy more food to feed their neighbours in need.


Every penny counts:  100% of all donations go directly to purchasing food for our community.


Richmond Hill, [October 20, 2023] — The Richmond Hill Community Food Bank (RHCFB), in collaboration with the Mobile Giving Foundation Canada (MGFC), is taking a significant step to confront the growing food insecurity crisis. With the launch of the innovative text-to-donate program, the community has a modern solution to a pressing challenge.


The alarming rise in food bank usage in Richmond Hill clearly indicates the growing strain on resources. Despite tireless efforts, meeting the surge in demand has become increasingly challenging. The food bank's initiatives are more vital than ever, given the grim statistic that food bank usage has soared by 50% in the past year alone.


Recognizing this, the Richmond Hill Community Food Bank harnessed technology and launched innovative tools like the text-to-donate program. How the program works:

  • Text 80100 the word GIVE to donate $10 or $25 to the RHCFB.

  • Donors confirm with a simple "YES", and the amount gets billed to their phone bill.

  • Donors have the option to donate monthly, ensuring sustained support for our mission.


This new program not only eases the donation process but also ensures that 100% of the donated funds are directly used for purchasing food, thereby having a tangible impact on the community.


"As the number of Canadians facing food insecurity continues to grow each year, food banks and other charities that support hungry Canadians can best serve their local communities when they have regular donations they know they can rely on each month," said Lee Reynolds, Manager of the RHCFB


By using modern tools like QR codes and text messaging, this program is making it easier than ever for people to get involved and make a difference. 


The community's support is invaluable, and there are several ways people can rally behind this cause and help fight hunger in their backyard:

  1. Use the text-to-give option: Text 80100 the word GIVE to donate $10 or $25.

  2. Spread the word: Share the text-to-donate initiative on social media, at events, or within personal networks.

  3. Donate directly: Monetary contributions can be made directly to the food bank.

  4. Organize a food drive: Engage with the community, collect food, and promote the text-to-give initiative.


With the latest program, RHCFB can ensure swift and seamless donations, enabling the food bank to reach more people in dire need of assistance. Together, let's make a meaningful impact on the lives of those who require our support.


About The Richmond Hill Community Food Bank:

The Richmond Hill Community Food Bank, an independent non-profit established in 1991, thrives on the generous support from the Richmond Hill and  Thornhill communities. With a blend of corporate sponsorships, community food drives, and dedicated volunteers, we have been a beacon of hope for those in need. Managed by Lee Reynolds and guided by a volunteer board, our focus extends beyond canned goods, sourcing fresh produce seasonally from various partners like Seeds For Change, local markets, and initiatives like Feed Ontario and From Earth to Table. Every financial contribution is channelled towards enhancing our services to support our community better. For more details, visit


Media Contact 

Marney Beck-Robinson

Board Member

Richmond Hill Community Food Bank

PR/ Outreach Support 

Andrew Edwards 

Outreach Volunteer 


Download our text-to-donate promotional poster to share at your next event.

RH Food Bank Text-to-Donate Event Poster Text 80100 the word GIVE to donate $10 or $25 to the RHCFB.
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